Applied Multidimensional Systems Theory

  • Applied Multidimensional Systems Theory
  • 版本:2
  • 作者 :Nirmal K. Bose
  • 年份 :2017
  • 编号 :3319468243, 9783319468242
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    Revised and updated, this concise new edition of the pioneering book on multidimensional signal processing is ideal for a new generation of students. Multidimensional systems or m-D systems are the necessary mathematical background for modern digital image processing with applications in biomedicine, X-ray technology and satellite communications. Serving as a firm basis for graduate engineering students and researchers seeking applications in mathematical theories, this edition eschews detailed mathematical theory not useful to students. Presentation of the theory has been revised to make it more readable for students, and introduce some new topics that are emerging as multidimensional DSP topics in the interdisciplinary fields of image processing. New topics include Groebner bases, wavelets, and filter banks. 广州为民服装辅料有限公司专注研发生产五金皮标牌、绣花标、烫画、纽扣、拉链、滴塑商标、硅胶商标、织带、帽绳、裤腰绳、服装、箱包、鞋帽辅料等产品。官网: