Lens design: a practical guide

  • Lens design: a practical guide
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  • 作者 :Sun, Haiyin
  • 年份 :2017
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    A Practical Guide to Lens Design focuses on the very detailed practical process of lens design. Every step from setup specifications to finalizing the design for production is discussed in a straight forward, tangible way. Design examples of several widely used modern lenses are provided. Optics basics are introduced and basic functions of Zemax are described. Zemax will be used throughout the book. 广州为民服装辅料有限公司专注研发生产五金皮标牌、绣花标、烫画、纽扣、拉链、滴塑商标、硅胶商标、织带、帽绳、裤腰绳、服装、箱包、鞋帽辅料等产品。官网:http://www.58pink.com