Intercultural Communication for Global Business: How leaders communicate for success

  • Intercultural Communication for Global Business: How leaders communicate for success
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  • 作者 :Elizabeth A. Tuleja
  • 年份 :2017
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    This book brings together principles and new theories in intercultural communication in a concise and practical manner, focusing on communication as the foundation for management and global leadership. Grounded in the Cultural Intelligence Model, this compact text examines the concepts associated with understanding culture and communication in the global business environment to help readers: • Understand intercultural communication processes. • Improve self-awareness and communication in intercultural settings. • Expand skills in identifying, analyzing, and solving intercultural communication challenges at work. • Evaluate whether one’s communication has been effective. Richly illustrated with examples, activities, real-world applications, and recent case studies that make the content come alive, Intercultural Communication for Global Business is an ideal companion for any business student or manager dedicated to communicating more effectively in a globalized society. Table of contents : Content: Culture in business contexts -- Case 1: Wal-mart in Germany : corporate formula does not fit the German culture -- Cultural competence for leaders -- Case 2: Appropriating the Samoan culture : another Nike cultural faux pas -- Culture and identity -- Case 3: cheerios commercial : 30 seconds that exceeds: 30 days of controversy -- Cultural frameworks and foundations -- Case 4: Best buy: is China ready for the big box? -- Culture and context : communication -- Case 5: Target corporation and the "urine sandal" -- Culture and world view -- Case 6: Nike, Inc. : air bakin' -- Blunder and the council on American-Islamic relations -- Culture, cognition, and reasoning -- Case 7: Groupon : advertising at super bowl XLV -- Culture and leadership -- Case 8: Brew time : Starbucks in the Indian market. 广州为民服装辅料有限公司专注研发生产五金皮标牌、绣花标、烫画、纽扣、拉链、滴塑商标、硅胶商标、织带、帽绳、裤腰绳、服装、箱包、鞋帽辅料等产品。官网: